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Security Daemons earn their place in the 2022 National CCDC competition

While DePaul did not place in its third trip to nationals, the experience gained from competing at such a high level is good preparation for what awaits after graduation.

Filipo Sharevski earns a CAE grant to establish the first National Cybersecurity Teaching Academy (NCTA)

National Cybersecurity Teaching Academy is DePaul’s mission in action as this work will broaden access to computer science education and have a multiplier effect for high school teachers and students.

Security Daemons take second place in 2021 National CCDC competition

DePaul’s Security Daemons took second place in the 2021 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC), scoring a historic finish for the team and solidifying their position among the nation’s best cybersecurity competitors. Nearly 170 teams from across the country compete in the CCDC annually. 

SolarWinds Hackers Continue Assault With a New Microsoft Breach

THE NATION-STATE HACKERS who orchestrated the SolarWinds supply chain attack compromised a Microsoft worker’s computer and used the access to launch targeted attacks against company customers.

Microsoft June 2021 Patch Tuesday

This month Microsoft got patches for 50 vulnerabilities. Of these, 5 are critical, 2 were previously disclosed and 6 is already being exploited according to Microsoft.